Board of Directors

Board of Directors – Officers
  • Sylvia Wren, President
  • Mike Steve, Vice President
  • Margaret Smith, Treasurer
  • Joyce Patten, Secretary
  • Jean Andralliaki
  • Ed Charron
  • Arlene Cox
  • John Crescimbeni
  • Barbara Goodwin
  • Janet Guerrero
  • Gail Hunyar
  • Richard K. Jones, Esq, Past Pres.
  • Carla Leach
  • Joel Morris, CPA
  • Harry Reagan, Past Pres.
  • Ricki Shoraka
  • David Smith, Rules, Bylaws & Nominations Chair
  • David Wells
  • Jane Wittwer
  • Ed Zoller

The purpose of the Friends of the Library groups is to encourage support of libraries, increase awareness of public libraries in the community, and raise funds to enhance library services for the good of the public library system.

Fundraising events include book sales, author events and much more.