For JPL Employees

Your Friends of JPL Membership Supports Those Who Support Us

Margaret Smith, Treasurer for the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library, is asking JPL to remind its employees of the many benefits of being one of its members and we want to encourage you to become a member, if you have not done so. Friends of JPL memberships expire after a year and maybe you just need to renew. The cost is $5/year and you get a 25% discount on purchases all year!

The Friends of JPL do a lot more than annually supplying JPL employees with cookies during National Library Week. One benefit JPL has enjoyed for years (Margaret was instrumental in getting this for JPL years before she retired) is the REFRESHMENT FUND. (While we’re on this subject, don’t spend your own money for storytime treats, etc., and don’t forget to turn in your Refreshment Fund receipts so you can be reimbursed by the Friends.)

Just this past year the Friends of JPL have paid for the replacement of JPL’s Florida Times-Union micro films; computers for JPL’s e-classrooms and for e-classrooms at Main, NW and DU; Library Aware EBSCO Database; Early Childhood Learning Center; Children’s books system wide and E-Books bought for use by the system; Equipment for Media/Tech Lab; I-pad Mini for Customer checkouts at the Urban Core; several adult programs throughout the year; awards for R&R awardees; several on-line webinars and in person classes for staff at JPL; tote bags for volunteer staff; and CAL Virtual Seats for GED Testing. When State Aid did not come through for CAL, the Friends did. ALL OF THIS TOTALS: $180,348!

Where would we be without the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library? And where would we be without your support of the Friends?