2014 Contributions to JPL

Have you ever wondered what your book purchases, membership fee, or donation dollars do for the Jacksonville Public Library?  Here is what they have to say about the Friends help:

Thank you to the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library!
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The Jacksonville Public Library is grateful for the continued support from the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library. Because of the Friends’ generous funding totaling more than $180,000 in 2014, the library is able to preserve, enhance and expand important programs, resources and services for our customers—and the community. The Friends have made  possible:

Library Aware EBSCO Database ($16,525)

This funding provides new improved graphics capabilities and a new faster method for producing the library’s monthly e-newsletter. This three-year subscription allows JPL to continue to provide customers with the Next Reads newsletters (20+) as well as a suite of tools that the Community Relations & Marketing department and branch staff can use to promote collections and events.

Early Childhood Learning Center ($8,000)

The funds provided by the Friends were used to identify new and replace existing learning materials for the Early Childhood Learning Centers located in branches system-wide. While standard materials are purchased for each library location, staff has the opportunity to individualize the centers based on early childhood programming and community needs.

Florida Times-Union Microfilm Replacement ($20,000)

With Friends’ funding JPL has replaced several hundred rolls of decaying T-U microfilm dating back nearly 100 years. We have replaced 215 reels covering 1881 – Feb. 1924, which is one-third of what needs to be replaced; the remainder to be replaced is 1924 – 1959.

CAL Virtual Seats for GED Testing ($5,800)

This supports the mission of the Center for Adult Learning by providing training for the GED test for adults. With $4,545, we have purchased 150 virtual seats for an online pre-GED program. Three hundred students used the program this year logging more than 2,500 hours of instruction.

Children’s Materials (books) ($37,500)

With the Friends’ support, we were able to purchase a variety of children’s books, system-wide, including multiple copies of three very popular types of children’s materials: 1,630 board books, 660 Marvel graphic novels, and 992 Who Was? biographies.

Highlands E-Classroom ($30,750)

To meet the demand for computer classes in this area of town, a new e-classroom is underway at the Highlands Branch Library on Dunn Avenue. It will be equipped with new computers, smart board and projector, and more.

Bradham Brooks Northwest E-Classroom ($20,868)

Bradham Brooks
Ribbon cutting of the Bradham Brooks e-classroom on April 17

A new e-classroom opened at the Bradham and Brooks Branch Library, helping the library to meet customer needs for technology skills in the northwest quadrant of Jacksonville. Since the grand opening in April 2014, we have offered 61 classes with 177 in attendance. The classroom has 10 computers (from existing JPL fleet), an instructor’s station, and a smart board and projector. The room also contains a table with chairs for one-on-one appointments.

Main E-Classroom ($8,000)

We are setting up an e-classroom in room 419. We have purchased five Lenovo Windows 8 laptops with 3-year warranties (ITD is matching this with five additional Windows 8 laptops) with these funds. Following the installation of a smart board, projector, instructor’s station, tables and chairs, we will offer classes reguarly.

E-Books ($14,155)

Thanks to the Friends, we were able to purchase 878 popular adult fiction e-book titles for the OverDrive platform.

Tech Lab ($1,009)

For the new Media/Tech Lab, we have purchased equipment that includes a new monitor for the mini-Mac as well as photo scanning and VCR to DVD transfer equipment. Most of this equipment is part of the new service that will allow customers to use our equipment to digitize their memories.

Customer Digital Access ($312)

We’ve purchased an iPad mini for the Urban Core e-specialist to use when training customers. It is used to train customers with iPhones, how to use the apps store, etc. The idea was to create a kit for the e-specialist that matched the other regions’ kits.

Adult Programming ($8,994)

FJLP funded 20 adult programs with more than 500 attendees. Programs included “An Old Florida Music Concert” series held in conjunction with the state’s Viva Florida 500 celebration; “Censored! Excerpts from Banned Books” Readers Theater production (100 in attendance); and “Letters from Black America” and “Hola! Celebrating Hispanic Heritage” (100 combined attendance). In partnership with the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission, the library presented “Shade in the Sunshine State: Reflections on Segregation in Florida” and a concert of Civil Rights Movement songs in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

R&R and Leadership Awards ($1,465)

The Friends helped us recognize and reward employees for their outstanding service in 2014.

Staff Training ($1,418)

Ongoing staff development and training is important to keep up to date on best library practices. Jacksonville Public Library staff participated in a variety of 18 online webinars and in-person classes, made possible by FLJP funding.

Volunteer Support ($675)

Thanks to the Friends, we were able to recognize our Volunteers and give each of them a library tote bag in early 2014.

Friends Reimbursement Program ($4,877)

This provides support for various branch related events that support customers of JPL. This included Summer Reading refreshments at Teen Battle of Bands, teen pizza night events, arts and crafts supplies, and more.

TumbleBooks ($4,000)

This resource provides online animated, talking picture books in fiction and nonfiction for children. There are also graphic novels, games, puzzles, videos and language learning resources. This is the second year the Friends have funded this popular service TumbleBooks were viewed more than 14,000 last year.