December 2017


We would like to thank all of our supporters who came to our November book sale and especially those who chose to sign-up as sustaining members to support Summer Learning at the library! You support means the world to us!

Now, we know it has been quite a while since our last newsletter– a situation we hope to remedy from this point onward. If you have not been to our store for a while, or if you have been, there are quite a few changes that you may or may not have noticed.

  • All books, with very few exceptions, are now located in the “same area,” i.e., not duplicated in the front store and the rear store
  • Adult fiction books are being alphabetized by the author’s last name
  • Hardback and softback books, based on the author’s last name are now located in one place.
  • The front store has the alphabet letters A-F while the rear store has G-Z as well as large print books.
  • Fiction paperback books are duplicated in the front and rear store and are “group alphabetized” by the author’s last name

For your convenience, we have made a few other changes too! Non-fiction books are now being categorized into sub-sections within the overall subject area. This will make it much easier to locate specific books within the broader subject area. As well CD content has changed a bit too.

  • Non-fiction books on CD are now¬†identified by their subject¬†area.
  • Adult fiction books on CD are now shelved alphabetically by the author’s name
  • Movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu Ray are shelved by their title
  • Music CDs are grouped by category; Popular, Gospel, Movie/Broadway, ect.

We appreciate your patience as we work through our new filing system to make a better experience for you! We welcome your feedback on our reorganization efforts of books and media.


If you have not visited the store in a while, give consideration to visiting, We are open Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Saturday’s 9:00 a.m. to 3: 00 p.m.