Why I Volunteer with FJPL

Gail HunyarI discovered FJPL in the 80s when I first attended a book sale at the Shriner’s Hall on St. Johns Bluff Road. I was fascinated and excited by a group of people that thought books were important.

I became a FJPL member and volunteered at the book sales off and on during the following years. In 2008 when I took early retirement, I decided to look into volunteer opportunities at FJPL.

I showed up at the FJPL Bookstore and Harry Reagan greeted me with a welcoming smile. He turned me over to, Beverly Segars, who worked in the sorting area. She taught me everything I needed to know about sorting books.

Even though my role at FJPL has changed from those early days, however, the thing that has not changed is the family feeling that the sorting group has given to me.

The people in this group are from all walks of life and in all stages of the journey we are all on. They come in the door as strangers but they all become friends as we work together to make money for the library. We look out for each other and even have a monthly “sorter lunch” at local Arlington eateries.

— Gail Hunyar

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